Data Feeds
Real-time streaming.
      Delayed. End-of-day. Historical.
            Premier datafeed solutions., Inc. provides a wide range of Market Data Feed Solutions through its Digital Data Feed division (DDFplus). Our Data Feed Solutions provide front, middle and back-office solutions for financial, agricultural, energy and software firms. Barchart Market Data Feeds cover a broad range of markets including: Futures, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Foreign Exchange (Forex). In addition to market data feeds, Barchart offers News, Fundamental Data, Technical Data and Weather data feeds.

Barchart Market Data Feed Solutions are available as Real-Time Streaming, Real-Time Snapshot, Delayed Streaming, Delayed Snapshot, End-of-Day and Historical Market Data Feeds. Our Data Feeds provide access to fast (low latency), reliable and high-quality market data. We also provide superior support and clear data feed pricing. View Brochure

Broadcast Real-Time and Delayed Data Feeds

Raw Exchange Data Feed

Query / Response (On-Demand, XML) Data Feeds

Historical Market Data Feeds

End-of-Day Data Feeds

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