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Modulus Financial Engineering

Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. is compatible with Barchart Data Feeds / Digital Data Feed (DDF). Please contact Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. to access Barchart data through their platform. The Barchart data feed is a high-powered, low-latency real-time streaming market data feed for professional and active traders. Barchart sources data directly from the leading financial exchanges and delivers mission-critical market data to the Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. platform.

M4 Trading Platform

M4 Trading Platform

M4 is a complete trading platform available with full source code that is pre-integrated with the Barchart data feed.

The M4 trading platform may be customized and re-branded then distributed to your trading clients or used for in-house trading purposes.

M4 features professional charting and technical analysis with real time stock, futures and forex quote screens via Barchart’s data feed.

M4 also provides a scripting language for real time alerts, market scanning, back testing and automated trading capabilities.

M4 Trading Platform

M4 Trading Platform Features

  • Professional charting and technical analysis.
  • Automated trading via a flexible built-in scripting language.
  • Real time stock, futures and forex quote screens.
  • Real time alerts, market scanning and strategy back testing engine.
  • Right click and trade from any chart.
  • Application may be programmed to submit orders to any destination.
  • All windows, toolbars, menus, charts and other features are completely customizable.
  • Inexpensive customization services available upon request:
    volume-based bars, tick-based bars, custom charts, custom features and more.
M4 Trading Platform    M4 Trading Platform


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